Natural ways to cure bad breath

There are various reasons why many people have bad breath. Obviously, if you don’t brush your teeth, you will likely have bad breath. Bacteria are the main cause for bad breath, and if left in your mouth for a period of time, bacteria can cause long-term effects. Additionally, food and plaque that is not thoroughly brushed can turn into bacteria.

Over-the-counter treatments, including mouth wash, can help eliminate odor causing bacteria in your mouth. Many types of toothpaste are specifically designed to treat foul odors. However, some people, for various reasons, do not like to use over-the-counter products. Their reasons may include allergic reactions, anxiety, or traditional preferences.

Luckily, there are many natural ways to cure bad breath. If you prefer holistic and natural ways to treat certain conditions, consider these tips.


Change your diet.

Many foods are like a double-edged sword; they taste really good, but they cause really bad breath. Some foods, like onions, result in immediate foul odors that can potentially turn into long-term problems. If you frequently suffer from bad breath, you should avoid eating strong odor causing foods.

Alternatively, there are foods that can cure bad breath. Foods that stimulate saliva production will keep you from having dry-mouth syndrome, a condition that contributes to bad breath. This condition leads to the next point.


Drink plenty of liquids.

Many people experience dry-mouth syndrome early in the morning at work or in church. Because of their ingredients, various toothpastes can dry out your mouth. If you do not drink liquids shortly after you brush your teeth, your breath may begin to smell foul again. You can remedy this by drinking plenty of liquids. Pure water is the best liquid to drink, but sugar-free fruit juices are also beneficial.

Avoid liquids that are sugary or contain caffeine. Caffeine will not hydrate your body. Caffeinated drinks may provide a temporary relief, but you will quickly feel dehydrated again.


Brush your tongue.

Most odor causing bacteria lie on your tongue. Therefore, one natural way to eliminate bacteria in your mouth is to brush your tongue. You can prevent bacteria from accumulating on your tongue by keeping your mouth closed. Your nose is designed to act as a filter that keeps bacteria out of your body. Many people suffer from morning breath because they sleep with their mouths open, thus causing bacteria to accumulate on their tongue.

Some people do not like brushing their tongue because it can easily set off their gag reflexes. An easy way to prevent gagging is to heavily breathe in and out while brushing your tongue.  


Use air purifiers.

Air purifiers will help control the bacteria in the air. If you only have one air purifier, keep it in your bedroom. Sleeping in a room with good quality air can reduce the morning breath effect. There are many air purifiers that treat big houses. It is not uncommon to find air purifiers that treat houses with three bedrooms or more.

These simple tips can help many people cure their bad breath. If you have bad breath due to conditions like gingivitis, you should consult with your dentist for different solutions.


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